Here are some of the stories from the people we work with….

“The Catchpoint sessions are excellent. I get more out of an hour and a quarter session than a whole day of other training we’ve recently attended.
It’s relevant, direct and not airy fairy. The trainer gives feedback on any situation, – no ‘ I don’t know your child so can’t give individual advice’.”

“Advice given to others is also good. It’s good to know other people have the same issues as we do, and we can learn from all comments. I also like to form my own answer and see how close I can get to Catchpoints advice. I can monitor my own progress and learning by doing this.”

“The sessions lift me, and give me strength etc. to keep trying. The guidance is invaluable and I hope it will continue. Thanks.”


“The support, encouragement and practical advice the therapists provide have been a lifeline to us during some very testing times”

            A foster parent

‘Therapy has helped me learn that my Mum keeps me safe”

             Alan aged 8

‘You should go to Catchpoint. • At first it is hard but then it helps you”

             Robert aged 9

“I have been working with Catchpoint assisting in supporting their staff team as an ‘outside’ person to provide additional supervision and team building and I have been so thrilled to hear about the work that is carried out in their centres. Having come from a professional background of managing a therapeutic children’s home for the Cabrini Children’s Society (once called Catholic Children’s Society), I feel that I have had a good ‘grounding’ in preparing children for long term fostering or adoption and have been so impressed by the model of working used by Joy Hasler and her team. The working with the whole family has often been missed by therapists thinking that they have the need to see the child or children one to one to help them through a ‘bad time’. Clearly, sometimes this is necessary but Catchpoint’s ethos of working with the family as a whole really brings home the message of how this new family will work together to stay together. Surely this is what we want and how great is it that the families referred to Catchpoint get just that.

Thank you Catchpoint.”

            Evelyn Saunders, Freelance Social Worker, Child Care Consultant, Trainer and Play Therapist.