Parent Support

Parent Support

We are serious about helping parents and carers at every stage of the therapeutic process.  As traumatised children become attached to their parents the effects of abusive and neglectful experiences will come to the fore in their emotions and behaviours. Things can get worse before they get better and we seek to develop a partnership with parents and carers so that therapy and support is relevant to what a family need.

Parent Consultations are a crucial element in helping families to understand their traumatised children and the messages those children’s behaviours are conveying. Parent consultations can be provided independent of any other service but are always included within the therapeutic programme. We usually recommend 3 parent consultations within a 6 month therapeutic service but we can add in more as requested.  Parents can also request to speak to a therapist as they come to the sessions and they will be given space and time to be heard. 

Often parents and carers need to be educated about developmental trauma and how to be parents of ‘back to front’ children.  We also think with parents about how they can manage the effects on themselves of living with a traumatised child, how they can recognise secondary trauma and advise on taking care of themselves. 

At CatchPoint we also offer 24/7 telephone and email support within our therapeutic programme. Some families have found this an invaluable support at times of crisis or to think through a situation ahead of time and how best to manage this.

Our annual Parent Days are extremely popular support and training days for Catchpoint families where they have the opportunity to listen to experts in the field of attachment and trauma (Rene Marks, Kate Cairns) while their children take part in relaxed activities run by a high child/helper ratio of experienced staff.