Collaborative Assessments

Collaborative Assessments

By working collaboratively with those around the child, Catchpoint aims to:

•  support the health, safety and wellbeing of the child and those in the child’s community

•  develop a comprehensive picture of attachment patterns and the effects of trauma •  identify support and therapeutic needs for the future

This will be done through:

•  Interviews with parents or carers, social workers and school staff

•  Observations at home, in school and in clinical session

•  Considering the history of the child

The elements of attachment behaviour that inform the assessment findings are:

  • Reaction to strange people and places •  Exploration •  Turn taking •  Emotional expression •  Relationship with peers •  Transitions  •  Chaos and order •  Separation and reunion •  Sense of self •  Relationship with family  •  Control •  Hypervigilance •  Dissociation

An assessment is made from these observations and interviews, which leads to recommendations for future support for the family and possible therapy for the child. We may also make recommendations for further assessments if this need becomes evident.  Parents will be offered the opportunity to check an assessment before it is presented. 

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