Circle of Support

Circle of Support

From our inception Catchpoint has pioneered the approach of focusing therapeutic intervention on the child:parent relationship to help build healthy attachments in secure placements. In practice this means the therapist works most of the time with the child and parent or carer together rather than setting up a new transient relationship between therapist and child. A secondary role we have pioneered is the setting up of a circle of involved parties (extended family, school, social workers, friends etc) and, through sharing our therapeutic insight, preparing this group to contribute to the long term support of the family.

At Catchpoint, our training and experience with adoptive and foster families has led us to recognise the immense impact of secondary trauma on the people around a traumatised child. This can be a destructive force causing splitting, frustration and blame just at a time when carers need most support. We believe that if the people around the family can develop a common understanding of the effects of trauma on each other, this can lead to integrated support and stronger more resilient placements and families. We have come to realise the necessity (rather than desirability) of this supportive circle informed by therapeutic insight described above.

The aim of the meetings:

– Increasing sustained stability in the family – Making ‘Every Child Matters’ a reality – Sharing information and insights

– Understanding and countering the effects of secondary trauma – Framing a consistent approach

Agreeing strategies to manage difficult behaviours